Our company provides in a wide range of real estate related services for investors and realtors. These include Training, Mentoring, Deal Partnering, investor tools, and more. 

including creative investing strategies and training such as Mortgage Assignments and RE-Volution.  In addition to those education products, we also do partnering, training and mentoring, marketing services, mortgage assignments closing assistance, and more.

Training:  We offer real estate training using the latest strategies and tools. Our programs include: The RE-Volution system that teaches 12-ways to buy and sell real estate and includes the Deal Analyzer software system, the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS), that teaches how to sell unsellable houses to un-loanable buyers in today's tough lending environment, as well as Online MCE Training for realtors that want to get licensed, or take required classes (online) to maintain their licenses.  Our tools include a full suit of investor tools to generating and managing leads and deals, all hosted on the REIMatcher at www.REIMatcher.com 

Mentoring:  We very selectively mentor students that want more hand-holding in starting their real estate business. if you would like to learn more about our mentoring programs, come talk to us LIVE at one of the live events that coes with out various training programs, or contact our office for more information: 512-853-9522 x113 

Deal Partnering: We selectively partner with other investors on fix and flip properties. We also BUY wholesale properties. In general, we are looking for opportunities involving properties that we can purchase for less than 70% of ARV (After Repaired Value) minus the cost of repairs. We also prefer properties that are in areas with less than 6 months of inventory on comparables. If you are a student and would like to submit a deal for consideration, please put the deal into the Deal Analyzer software and submit, and/or contact our office for more information: 512-853-9522 x113 

Let us help you make the most of every transaction. Remember the rules of a successful real estate operation are simple… Educate, Implement and Automate!  We can help with all of these.




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