Love American Homes

Love American Homes is an Austin based real estate company founded in 2003. It was originally formed as Love Austin Homes but as their customer base grew, they graduated to a national name. Phill Grove is at the helm of this business and is widely known as one of the most successful investors in the country for transacting over 1,000 deals. He quickly became the go-to person in Texas for all sorts of creative real estate transactions. In fact, that knowledge was the foundation for his creation of the RE-Volution Investing product that he introduced in 2009. That product revolutionized the real estate training market and launched a national following for Phill Grove and Love American Homes. Since the RE-Volution Investing product, he's introduced other very popular products including the Assignment of Mortgage Payments Systems (AMPS) and others. Phill is a student of marketing, and is constantly developing cutting edge strategies and tools for investing in real estate.

Case Studies