If you’ve never Heard of my Real Estate Re-Volution System, Here’s my Science of Real Estate Investing Training Video

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Re-Volution Program Plus All Five Free Bonuses

Included in the Premium RE-Volution Package

  1. The RE-Volution Training System on 13 DVDs with over 400 pages of accompanying text
  2. Our top four Focus Seminars on DVD with accompanying text
  3. Our "Secret Weapon" Deal Analyzer Software
  4. 6 Weeks of Business Launch coaching webinars
  5. 8 Weeks of Bi-Weekly Mastery group calls LIVE with Phill Grove

6 Week - Business Launch Series

An intensive weekly webinar series designed to kick start you on your investing business. It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options and information we give you in this class, and not know where to start. Every week you will be presented a 60 minute long video on how too really get started on a practical level. We will also get you going on the Deal Analyzer software. Phill will go through some case studies of some of the real deals that he's done, and how he uses the software to get to the meat of the matter: Is this a real deal?

Click Here To Get The Real Estate
Re-Volution Program Plus All Five Free Bonuses

Week 1: Action Plan - This is where the rubber hits the road. We'll go through a detailed list of the top 50 items that every real estate investor needs to do to explode their investing careers. This is a step by step action plan that will tell you what to do each week. Based on how much time you have available, you can expedite it too.

Week 2: Business Plan - We tell most investors to focus their initial efforts on Marketing but when they're ready to take their business to the next level, this module can help.

Week 3: Case Studies and Deal Analyzer -- We will go through actual deals and demonstrate the power of the Deal Analyzer software and show you the tricks of getting the most out of the software while evaluating deals using years of knowhow and expertise.

Week 4: Marketing Plan - We'll go through an intense marketing discussion to help you get going on the MOST IMPORTANT part of your real estate investing to-do's - MARKETING. There is nothing more important in determining an investors success than the level, amount and kind of marketing they do. This invaluable discussion will get you on your way to chose what marketing will work best with you given the amount of time and money you have available and your personality style.

Week 5: Develop your Power Team - We'll teach you how to develop your Little Black Book of Real Estate Partners so you can leverage their knowledge, skills, and abilities to build your own and most importantly, help you close deals!

Week 6: More Case Studies and Deal Analyzer -- This session will go through increasingly complex deals so you'll understand how to handle both the soft ball pitches and the fast balls! Time permitting, we'll demo one deal for each of the 12 strategies we use so you can see how a deal looks in real situations that we've encountered hundreds of times.

8 Week Mastery Call Series

This is something really special, and you aren't going to see a lot of guys doing this out there. One of the biggest things holding people back from getting started is FEAR. To help conquer that fear we offer 8 weeks of LIVE group calls with Phill where he will be fielding questions from his students. Have a concept in the class that your not clear on? Want to know how what's happening in the news today will effect investing tomorrow? You can ask Phill directly. These bi-weekly 60 minute calls are your lifeline for information.

Click Here To Get The Real Estate
Re-Volution Program Plus All Five Free Bonuses